Solar Shifter EX

Is Solar Shifter EX ready to fly with the big boys? Lets find out in our Solar Shifter EX review.


Solar Shifter EX can be a lot to take in the first few times. It will take a few times just to get the knowledge you need to defeat the board. You get a primary weapon and a secondary. You also get a shifting mechanic that automatically teleports you in four different directions based on how you flick the right thumb stick. Inside this game you will find eight gorgeous environments, four controllable ships, and eighteen well crafted missions.20160923172717-00_03_30_23-still001


Shortly after mankind left the solar system to colonize new worlds, we had to face a powerful alien race. The war has passed, the losses were devastating and the enemy has defeated us. As the final strike, they are about to destroy the sun that gives life to the system that we now call home.
Chaos erupted, and pirate raiders are scavenging fellow human colonies on the outer rim. Their only goal is to collect enough resources to be able to leave the solar system.20160923190942-mp4-00_08_24_05-still002


Solar Shifter EX is absolutely action packed. It’s also the action that can get you into trouble. The key is to find the sweet spots over every battle. Each battle you encounter, for a specific board, is pretty much the same. It’s almost like cinematic choreography. As soon as you master the dance, you master the board. You have to be aware of where the next enemy is coming from and which direction they are flying.

Once you’ve mastered the movements and nonstop hail of rockets and lasers, it’s time to fight back. With your primary weapons, you will be able to afflict damage on the enemies. Some are harder to take down than others. It’s important to note that some of the enemies can take you down pretty quickly, therefore its imperative that you find that nook where bullets and rockets aren’t flying. There is not a lot of health restoration opportunities so you have to be extremely vigilant of where you are.20160923181420-mp4-00_03_02_17-still003

The gameplay itself it pretty good. There isn’t much to the movement. Considering that you are pretty much always moving forward, whether you want to or not. There is no turning around or doing 180’s or 360’s.  It would have been great to add more movement to the game but for what the game was meant for, I’m not sure that its needed.

The down fall regarding gameplay, it the respawning aspect. You’re going to die…. a lot. Sometimes it seems like I spend more time respawning than playing the game. If dying doesn’t really affect how you play the game, why reload the game? You will spend ample time looking at a load screen so just be warned. Solar Shifter EX would have been better if it just auto respawned where you last died. It would in turn make the game move much faster while giving the gamer less opportunity to put the controller down.20160923181420-mp4-00_03_14_09-still002

Aside from respawning issue, gameplay is pretty good.


Solar Shifter EX is a beautiful game to look at. The pictures I captured from gameplay may not do it any justice. It’s hard to take it all in considering that you’re always under fire, however, you will look good getting blown to pieces. I’ve seen a lot of games in the past take shortcuts on graphics to focus more on gameplay and vice-versa. Solar Shifter EX gets it right in both areas which is quite refreshing.20160923181420-mp4-00_00_33_28-still001


Solar Shifter EX is a pretty decent shmup game. It’s one of those games that is worthy of adding to your collection. It would have been nice to see more weaponry, better health bar restoration options, and a better respawn system in place. If you can get past those little knickknacks, you just might find a gem.


I want to extend a much appreciated thanks to Headup Games for allowing me the opportunity to review this game.


  • Fun to play
  • Engaging Combat
  • Generously priced
  • Great Graphics


  • Respawn can be improved
  • Need better health Restoration
  • Too much time reloading the game