game footage

Watch Dogs 2 lets it all hang out

Watch Dogs 2 has a few birthday suit moments. PSN banning players that expose the flaw.

Watch Dogs 2 Season Pass details!

Still thinking about coughing up cash for the Watch Dogs 2 season pass? We have the Season Pass details here.

Mafia III Review

Does Mafia III make you an offer you can’t refuse? Find out as we put a hit out on Mafia III.

Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare Beta now live for PS4

After a rocky start, Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare Beta is finally playable for PS4 consoles

Can’t play Modern Warfare without first inserting the Infinite Warfare Disc

You will not be able to play the remastered version of Call Of Duty Modern Warfare without inserting the disc for Infinite Warfare.

Madden 17 Review

Is Madden 17 special, or is it just a roster update? Check out our Madden 17 Review.

Batman: Return to Arkham has a release date

Batman: Return to Arkham has a release date… Again

Uno Review

Did Ubisoft do enough to bring you back UNO to the console?

NBA 2K17 The Prelude coming September 9th!

Create and play with your custom player before NBA 2K17 hits stores with ‘The Prelude’.

PlayStation 4 Slim pictures are confirmed the real deal

Eurogamer also has video of the PlayStation 4 Slim in action. View it here

New Battlefield 1 Gameplay

Hour long gameplay of Battlefield 1 from Gamescom shown here.

Watch Dogs 2 to bring back Bounty System

Watch Dogs 2 puts a new spin on the Bounty System that was first introduced in the original Watch Dogs game.

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