Call Of Duty: WWII Zombies has been Announced

Activision has released the trailer for Call Of Duty: WWII Zombies. See it now. Whats a Call Of Duty game without zombies? We all knew it was coming but now Activision has released a trailer for the upcoming expansion.With Infinite Warfare bombing after its release, there is a lot riding on this years game. So far, the trailers have been top-notch. As we all know, WWII is about the Nazi’s. Call Of...[Read More]

Most impressive titles from E3 were not from Xbox…Again!

For Xbox fans, the most exciting game of E3 may not be an Xbox title.

Does Xbox One X have the games to make it worth the Price?

Xbox One X is not worth the price if the games don’t match.

Microsoft announces the Xbox One X

Xbox One X is set to launch November 7 in time for the holidays.

Microsoft to officially launch Xbox Game Pass on June 1st

Xbox Live Gold Members can access Xbox Game Pass now with a 14 day free trial.

All Xbox FanFest tickets Voided for today

Microsoft ran into a few issues this morning during the FanFest ticket Event.

Xbox FanFest Announced!

Xbox announces the return of Xbox FanFest for E3 2017

Microsoft release Final Specs for Project Scorpio

Microsoft dishes out its final specs for Project Scorpio and its more powerful than we thought.

RUMOR: Microsoft to unveil Project Scorpio on 4/6

Microsoft may reveal its newest console, Project Scorpio in a matter of days.

Destiny 2 set to release this Fall

Bungie has confirmed Destiny 2 will release this fall.

Xbox Game Pass Coming soon!

Microsoft is ready to take aim at subscription based services by offering Xbox Game Pass.

For Honor Closed Beta starts Jan 26th

Pledge Allegiance to your Faction… The For Honor Closed Beta is coming

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