The Technomancer Review

PC PlayStation Xbox One

Is The Technomancer really worth a premium $60 price tag? Find out as we review The Technomancer.

The Technomancer takes place on Mars. A wasteland that has become a home to the forgotten children of Earth. Mars has become a battlefield for corporations such as Aurora and Abundance; fight for dwindling resources such as water.

You start off the game creating your player. The player creation process is pretty simple and basic but it gets the job done. I would have liked to see more creative options for a game with this price tag but it’s not a deal breaker. You have a few stock faces, hair colors and skin tones to choose from and you’re on your way.techcreate

The game itself starts off in a training mode of sorts. You talk with a few guards that teach you the basics of fighting before heading out with your mentor Sean to do some more in-depth training  You will notice right away that the words that are coming out of the characters mouths are not in line with the facial expressions and mouth movements. With today’s technology and console hardware, this was obviously an issue that should have easily been addressed.

The combat in this game is not bad but could use some fine tuning as well. You start out as a rookie Technomancer with very little skill. As the game goes on you will develop different skill sets and weapon upgrades to help you along the way. I would compare the skills upgrade system to Star Wars Force Unleashed or even WatchDogs. There’s also a few fighting styles to choose from, which makes how you upgrade your character that much more critical.20160627205034.mp4.00_05_50_16.Still003

If compelled, switching to a different style in the middle of combat is an option. The fighting styles and mechanics are slightly different from what you would normally be used to but it works. You can switch from a mele to a pistol shot in one combination.

Even as praise the combat features of Technomancer, combat can also be a weak point in this game. While the moves are great at times, pulling them off can sometimes be a challenge, especially when dodging oncoming attacks. Sometimes you can dodge an attack, other times it doesn’t register that you even tried.

The other issue I have with combat are the soldiers that fight alongside you. The AI players sometimes seem oblivious to the fact that there is a fight going on. It can get pretty frustrating at times to have to take on 4 or 5 enemies at once because your sidekick decides to become a spectator. I have also noticed that if you are doing your best to be stealthy, your compadres will attract a lot of attention or sometimes engage an enemy before you’re ready. 20160627205034.mp4.00_30_04_00.Still006


The graphics are pretty good and the cut scenes are plentiful. I wouldn’t say there are too may cut scenes but Technomancer did push the limit. This is a story that you are playing out after all. There are a few scenes that probably should have been cut entirely but most fell in line with the story telling aspect of the game. 

Technomancer is an intriguing game that needs some work. While the story appears unique, the gameplay and mechanics can suffer during points of the game giving it a rushed feeling. The development team at Focus Home Interactive should have giving this game another few months to fine tune a few things here and there. The gameplay has more of a budget game feel with a solid story. While it’s a decent start, asking gamers to cough up $60 bucks may not be in the cards.

Let us know if this is a game you might consider picking up.

The Technomancer is now available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.


  • Engaging Combat
  • Good Graphics and Cut Scenes
  • 20-40 hours of Gameplay


  • Moving mechanics needs some work
  • Vocals do not match the characters mouth movement
  • Fighting Mechanics can become confusing