The Division

PC PlayStation Xbox One

Still an Awesome Game… Not what I expected.

So I watched the E3 press conference a few years ago when Division was first announced and I was very impressed with how it was ..well.. supposed to come together. From the city’s layout to the way you interact with other players really tickled my fancy sort of speak. Watching the game play, we had a feeling that this game was going to break so many barriers us gamers wanted broken for a long time. It was suppose to be history in the making. In the end…. we got Watch Dogged.


Don’t get me wrong The Division is a beautiful game. Thus far, it’s one of the best games I’ve played this year. It just wasn’t as advertised. Like Watch Dogs the E3 conference gave us their vision for the game, but not the reality.

So lets get to the things I loved about the game. The game play itself is a great experience. The fact that you can take multiple players into a mission is pretty awesome. I have seen multiple games that allow multiplayer online team vs team matches. To be able to team up with other players and play a mission puts this game on a different level than other games.

Enemies aren’t stupid. These guys will  flank you if you stay in one spot too long. If you play a mission more than once or ever have to re-spawn, you may not see the same strategy from the enemy. Could the enemies be smarter?… yes; but this franchise is moving in the right direction.

There are plenty of weapons and tons of customizable outfit to make your player stand out. plenty of modifications that can be made to your weapons and gear to fit your needs.

There are tons of side missions to keep you busy. the more side missions you complete, the quicker you level up your character. The quicker you level up you character , the better chance you have at completing a specific mission.

This brings me to the not so great part of the game. I am not really sure how I feel about the level up process of the game. I’m not entirely sure it really serves a purpose. For instance, I was a level ten and mistakenly ventured into a level 13 side mission. I must have emptied 3 clips into an enemy and it didn’t even tickle him. Why even let me get access to this mission if I don’t have the level or weapons to defeat the enemy.


Not only do you have to level up to have a chance at completing some missions, but you also have to make sure you have a weapon to at least match the level of the mission. I may not have had such an issue with the leveling process…. if it transferred over to the Dark Zone. The Dark Zone apparently has a leveling system all its own. You step into the Dark Zone and your are pretty much starting over at level one. This make leveling outside of the Dark Zone useless.


I believe that you also should not be able to regenerate your health in the Dark Zone as well. I could go on and on about that one.

Lastly, the customization of the characters is vey slim. Games have come too far these days. To get stuck with a limited customization in a Next Gen game is just foolishness. Sure there are tons of clothes that you can find around the game but the face and other features needs a total overhaul.

Overall, the first installment of this game is very promising. Even though it was not the game we thought it would be; it did enough to keep me engaged and interested. A tweak here and there can put this game on another level. This franchise is off to a great start.



  • Good Gameplay
  • Fun to play
  • Missions are a plenty
  • Very good Co-op mode


  • Game tends to glitch at times
  • Dark Zone play needs improvement
  • AI characters soak up bullets like a sponge